ShedRain Auto Open & Close Modern Cla…

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jk in nc Although a great umbrella when it works, it is totally disfunctional when the open/close mechanism breaks. (At that point, the umbrella cannot even be opened manually.) I have purchased 2 of these umbrellas, and on each, the automatic open/close button failed after a few months. I did send one back to the manufacturer and got a free replacement[...]

H Wheels After 15 months and several windy storms, the supporting wire ribs began to fail and small tears in the fabric. Nice size -- not too big or too small, light weight. For the price, I expected better performance.

AK in MN I bought this umbrella to always have on hand in my work tote. For the price, I found that it was a bit flimsy. The auto open/close works well enough, but the fabric isn't taught and the handle/post is kind of rickety when the umbrella is open. It did hold up to the wind though. I'll be returning it.


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ShedRain Auto Open & Close Modern Cla…

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