Raines Automatic Compact Umbrella wit…

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Pertny This umbrella is a good purchase, especially if you live in a large city. It is almost impossible to find a decent umbrella for under $10 anymore, and the cheap ones for sale outside the subway station when its raining are generally of very poor quality.

The umbrella is a bit longer then the standard totes compact (not the really tiny size totes) size. The material is a little more plastic/vinyl looking then fabric looking. But to be expected at this low price.

The only annoying issue is that I ordered 3 of these and got 2 black and 1 tan umbrella. It would be great if they let you pick what color you wanted.

Rish I shopped around for a while and found this to be best in this price range. It might be little big compared to compact but it fits in your backpack well. The button to open the umbrella is the same color as the handle. So it might be difficult to locate in the dark. So far its been holding good.

Happy EE This umbrella is well made and works great.


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Raines Automatic Compact Umbrella wit…

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