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1stCivDiv I ride Zoic Black Market and these Ethers exclusively. The padding is just right for me and the shorts hold up great. I even use the shorts as casual shorts without the liner. The pockets work great to get to my phone, GoPro stuff, etc. while on the trail or just knocking around.

hookooekoorider Pretty good pair of shorts. The liner can be unhooked and taken out, and I don't use them, so this rating is just for the shorts themselves. The shorts look great and have lots of zippered pockets for MP3 players, wallet, keys. I like that the front non-zippered hand pockets open from the top (as opposed to the sides, like most shorts), so nothing can accidentally fall out. There are two main downsides: (1) The front zipper can come apart while zipping (like on an old backpack that has too much stuff in it), but this only happens once in a while and the zipper never comes apart while riding, only when zipping. (2) The size runs a bit on the small side. I'm 6'1" and weigh 180 and have a 33 waist (in jeans) and typically wear a Large. I own Fox shorts and Performance Bike shorts in Large and those are loose fitting. The Large in these shorts are not loose fitting, and keep in mind that I don't even use the padded liner shorts that came with these. I would go a size bigger, especially if you have thick legs or have a waist bigger than 33. The only other thing I wish these shorts had would be a large velcro cargo pocket to hold Cliff bars, goo, etc, so you can easily access them without having to unzip and zip.

Russ These just arrived and they fit great. Padding is very comfortable. Lots of great pockets. I normally wear a large in shorts (36" waist), but followed the sizing chart and ordered the XL, which, indeed fits perfectly - so pay attention to the sizing chart

BurnNotice These just arrived and they fit great. Padding is very comfortable. Lots of great pockets. I normally wear a large in shorts (36" waist), but followed the sizing chart and ordered the XL, which, indeed fits perfectly - so pay attention to the sizing chart

McJeeper These shorts work well for me - I'm 6'1, 34" waist, and have pretty thick thighs. The Large fits me just right. There are adjustable waist staps to customize the fit as well. The liner breathes well and the chamois is decent. They are somewhat form fitting and don't have a lot of extra fabric in the crotch to hook your saddle. They have been durable so far (about 10 rides). I like the top load front pockets, and the sealed zippers on the others. It's 102 deg here in Texas, and as far as baggies go, these are pretty cool. My Fox, Oakley, and older Nema shorts are all way too hot.

Bill Hannah I bought a version of these about 2-3 years ago. They held up great but my only compliant was that the shorts were hot and didn't breathe well. I bought the Fox Rangers when they wore out and regretted it. I got these shortly after the Fox's, found that they improved the material and added lots of bonuses. I love these shorts. I am glad I saw the reviews about the sizing. I'm a 33 waist right now and go down to a 32 when I'm training hard. The large works for me.

BTW- The color of the tan's I just got was pretty close to what I see on the Web here. Not sure with the guy that got the "dark brown" pair.

J Bikes I've had a pair of black colored Zoic's for year and they are great; ordered a pair of "tan" ones thinking they'd be like the color shown -- sand colored -- they aren't. "Tan" is more like a dark brown; so other than being careful on the colors; the shorts are great.

Budd Zoic Ether most versatile shorts on the market. New versions have only two or no belt loops. Earlier versions had two front and one back belt loop. Performance carries the front belt loop shorts while REI carries the no belt loop Ether shorts. Velcro straps are sufficient for riding. With belt loops and belts Zoic Ether can pass for "going-to-the-prom" shorts. More traditional look. Great pockets in numbers and position and size. Liner pad a bit stiffer than Pearl Izumi 3D Elite, which I prefer. Best most versatile shorts on market. Great price-point too.

Jeff Picked up a couple pairs of these shorts a couple years ago. Before this I was riding in gym shorts. This was a noticable upgrade as the shorts are more padded, comfortable, closer to the skin so they don't move around and get snagged on bike parts or tree limbs. Although I rated 5 stars, there is room for improvement. The seams on the inner, padded shorts are starting to come apart on both pairs. Nothing catastauphic, but it's getting awfully thin.

Graywolfcyclist I like the shorts although the sizing chart does not reflect true size. I have a 35 inch waist and ordered the large, however, they are too big even after I snugged the velcro tabs all the way. Lenth would be okay for others but I have burn damage around the Knee and the nerves are very sensitive and the pants hit the area, I'll have my wife shorten the pants. I'll keep the shorts


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ZOIC Ether Short – Men’s Meadow, XL -…

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