Tumi Alpha Bravo Day Beale Mini Messe…

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Anonymous I have been searching for a small every-day-use compact messenger for months... and finally I found the Beale by Tumi. I was replacing an older bag of generally the same size, and just couldn't find the right one. This one is perfect for wallet, glasses, iPhone, checkbook, cards, papers, chap stick, pens, keys, and iPad!!! my iPad (in Knomo case) fits in the back slip pocket wonderfully! I even keep my work blackberry and charges in here as well. I take it to work every single day. Tumi quality is unbelievable. I bought this bag in black AND spruce. The spruce material is more stiff and the copper zippers are more course. The black Beale is softer, easily sliding synthetic zippers, and a more flimsy bag than the spruce green. However, I love the feel of both of them. Please buy this! I also own the Everett Tote & The Kessler- both in steel silver; which are fabulous as well.


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Tumi Alpha Bravo Day Beale Mini Messe…

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