Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag

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Mark Parrett I have a classic Timbuk2 from the late 90s and just replaced it (though that one is still going strong) with the Commute. This is a great bag - the laptop sleeve is well padded but also functional if youre not carying a laptop - can be used to carry documents to keep them from getting messed up instead. I use this a a briefcase and have the coated nylon on the two outer panels with the ballistic nylon down the middle. I think the looks are killer and am sure that I will still be using this bag in 10 years.

Pikes Peak Hiker I've had several computer cases/bags and this is the most practical. Getting the computer out to go through airport security is a breeze. It has great organization in the main compartment and makes things easy to get to. I have had it long but the one thing I would change would be to make the side pockets a little larger with a way to secure bottles and items in them. They are too small for a 32 oz Nalgene. My MacBook fits easily in to the computer slot.

healthnut Great bag to carry around books, papers, ipod, etc. However, if you're looking to carry around a 15.4" laptop, this bag will be too small (mine doesn't fit).

Eva Great bag to carry around books, papers, ipod, etc. However, if you're looking to carry around a 15.4" laptop, this bag will be too small (mine doesn't fit).

Snowbo13 This bike survived 4 years of college biking almost everyday!

Downfall, make sure your computer fits. My current 16' Toshiba does not fit, its close but it will not go in the computer slot.

Bags is water proof so great for riding in the rain. Still would recommend fenders for the bag can get pretty soaked.

My bag went to Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia one summer and got used everyday almost always full of class work and my computer. And beside being a little dirty is still holding up just fine

Really like the water bottle holders and rear zippered back for papers and what not.

Lots of pockets and places to holds everything you have.

Great Bag

IamCDN I bought this bag to use as a commuter bag while taking transit to and from work everyday. It does the job very well. The compartments are numerous and well organized, giving me plenty of room for project files, camera, cell phone, pens, laptop and all the other necessities.

My only complaint is that it doesn't stay on your shoulder very well while walking. The padded strap tends to creep off my shoulder quickly, requiring me to constantly reposition it. An easy work around is to sling it over your head to your opposite shoulder - just as comfortable.

Andy Jacobs Let me start by saying that I am somewhat biased because I love Timbuk2 products. That said, this is my favorite. I had been looking for a messenger-style laptop bag to fit my needs for some time, and had owned ones by Jansport and Crumpler. I waited for a long time for this version of the Commute to debut, and it did not disappoint. There is literally a litany of features. I have the size L and it provides ample space for my day-to-day gear. In the main compartment I typically have several folders and a few books, my iGo laptop power supply and my travel mouse in its case, plus my lunch. Organizer pockets are a must for me, and this version of the Commute exceeded my expectations. Pockets big and small, and all contained inside the main bag in case something falls out. The external laptop access is genius when traveling thru airport security, and you can even slip a thin folder or some papers back there with the laptop. Overall, even fully loaded, it is a very manageable size as well. Only 2 drawbacks for me. I wish there was at least one zippered external pocket for small items, so I wouldn't have to open the entire flap. I also think the laptop fit is a bit tight. This Commute size L is supposed to fit up to 17 laptops, but I have a 15.4 lenovo T60p w/ extended battery and it is a SNUG fit widthwise (lengthwise there is extra room). I don't know if this was designed for one of those ultra-slim 17 laptops or what, but I don't see how a 17 would fit in there. Still, I am extremely happy with this bag.

Noah Best on the Market - If you had the '07, here's the difference - back padded pocket that held papers, pens, etc - the pocket has been replaced with a zipper compartment that holds the laptop in a now "black" corduroy lined compartment. The handle no longer has a plastic piece inside of it (more comfortable). The side pockets are a bit bigger and now have an elastic material (spandex?) in the center. Inside front side pockets are now gray (instead of a black on black... if you had a black bag). Two thick foam pieces are now on the back (better than before) instead of one solid foam piece. The strap comes "with" the shoulder pad. The rubberized bottom is not all padded anymore. It's double padded underneath the laptop compartment, but the rest has zero padding. The inside is divided now. That small pocket under the big pocket on the '07 - gone. The key tether is now in the front zipper pocket. Instead of one pocket for say, 3x5 cards, behind the zipper compartment, there are now two extra compartments (non-zippered). Inside the bag, there is one main zippered compartment and some other small non-zippered spaces and places to place pens. In the zippered back compartment (where laptop is at), you can also fit a notepad, mousepad, etc. There may be some things I am leaving out, but hopefully this is a pretty good description for you.

Jack the rock climber I use the product to travel with my laptop and other work materials. It has great compartments and a comfortable strap. I am very satisfied with the color and size. It is a great travel bag and hope that it lasts me a very long time.

DC Yeah so... this is my first Timbuk2 bag. I know lots of people with them, but I finally caved and bought one. First, its a really SWEET bag. Good quality product. You can tell from the high quality material and the stitching. No cheaping out with materials. Oh yeah, I kept reading reviews on people whining and complaining about their 17 inch laptops not fitting. Okay, Im not sure which bag you got, but it wasnt this one. This bag has LOTS of space for a 17 inch widescreen laptop which is what I have. I have a BULKY HP dv6000. Much fatter than the Apples and as big as most laptops out there. I have NO, I repeat NO trouble getting my laptop in and out. In fact, even after getting my laptop into the sleeve, there is still A LOT OF ROOM LEFT on all sides of the laptop pocket. So Im not sure how much crack people really are doing (those that commented on this at least). All in all a great product! The only thing I thought that was weird was that the key loop was on the bottom. Thats kind of not a good place to put it since car keys have plastic handles and are prone to being busted up if you put your bag on the ground and people step on it (or if you step on it). 5/5 stars!


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Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag

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