Tim Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Chr…

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Kat the otaku This book is great to be used when you feel kinda down or old and wanna feel like a kid again but don't have enough time to watch the movie, the book has great pictures, the wording is very similar to the movie that i could almost sing with it, the books binding could have been better.

Nightmare Before Christmas' Biggest Fan I bought this manga for myself using my christmas money that I got this year. And I must say that I have not been dissapointed. I love reading manga and I love Nightmare Before Christmas. And being able to read it as a manga is amazing. Although I do not know if being able to quote the book line for line is a good thing, but then I am a fan so it's okay.

Brittanytweet I saw this and wanted it so we reserved it.I treat my books with lots of care but after one time of reading it the center of the book fell out.Though it is still a great book.I mean I might be one of the ultimate Nightmare before christmas fans!I can watch the movie over and over again (which only happens with tim burtons movies).I know every line and I have to say that the book tells the story almost as well as the movie! :)


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Tim Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Chr…

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