JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel…

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Love to Travel We initially bought one to try and we loved it so much we bought a second one for our other child. It was big enough to fit our infant seat and we also used it to carry other items that did not fit into our luggage after shopping at the outlets in Florida.

It has good padding to prevent damages during tranportation. The baggage handlers are very rough (from our experience) and the car seat was very well protected.

It would be nice if it could be washed in the washing machine though.

Overall an excellent product.

E's mom We've used it for gate checking the car seat and also checking it with the luggage. It makes traveling through the airport with all the other "gear" a lot easier since you can carry it on your back. The padding keeps the car seat safe from damage. Highly recommend this if you are traveling with a full size car seat.

Madison We bought this bag to take our car seat with us when we flew to OK for Christmas. The bag fit our car seat perfectly - Britax Marathon 70. My husband was able to carry it on his back without a problem. The car seat and the bag were both untouched / not damaged during the flying process. I would recommend this bag to anyone!


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JL Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel…

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