Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag, Ci…

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Jess I have 3 small kids, ages 4,2,and newborn. I have to have a lot of stuff with me at all times, and this bag fits it all without being big and bulky. I first purchased another bag, and it is like a clunky piece of luggage, so I thought I'd give this bag a try, and I absolutely love all the seperated compartments, and the huge cup holders on the side. Both of my older kids' sippy cups fit together in one, so I get to put a water bottle for me inthe other holder. I really like the mommy comparment and the toddler compartment, and the main part of the bag is plently spacious. I've owned my fair share of diaper bags, and this one is by far my absolute favorite! Hou will not regret buying it.

Kctallgirl I love this tote! I have two small kids both in diapers so I've been searching for a bag that sits up by itself with easy access. It's a pretty big bag, bigger than I'm used to but it has plenty of room for everythin we need, including my wallet. I like Skip Hop bags because they have the stroller attachments already built in too.

Amberchka As a mother of 2 young children, I needed a bag where everything fit and wasn't so bulky that I couldn't carry it. This bag pretty much fits the bill. It's deviously spacious. It it doesn't look like it should hold so much but it does. I couldn't give it a 5 because it doesn't have a shoulder strap and that would've been nice. Plus I always seem to run it into cars in parking lots while holding a child. But it's super cute and functional.


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Skip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag, Ci…

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