Carters 5-Piece Girls Diaper Bag Set…

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sept05mom This bag fell apart shortly after I began using it. The zipper broke on the large bag, and is starting to fall apart on the seems. I would not recomend spending any money on this< even if it is on sale. Also there are not enough individual pockets for me.

redmom I got this bag when my second child was born. I was very dissapointed that the big bag can't really be organized due to the lack of pockets and zipper areas. I've had to make the smaller bag into the diaper products bag and shove it into the bigger one with clothes, books, blankets bottles ect... However, I do love that it is big enough to fit both my childrens things in it. It would just be nice if I didn't have to dig around so much to find the stuff.

Simple but practical mom When looking for a diaper bag, you want quality, durability, and SPACE! This bag is very cute but not practical. There are NO pockets inside, the stitching is not durable and it's not all all what I wanted or need.


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Carters 5-Piece Girls Diaper Bag Set…

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