JanSport Superbreak Backpack – 1550cu…

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SoForReal24 Jan Sport had been around for years and has proved why the still are in the top choice for school back pa ks. they are durable and last a long time.

amby I love all jansport backpacks! they are the only kind I buy. I was amused at the last comment posted about this backpack because they mentioned that it was not good for hiking. Of course it is not good for hiking!! Jansport didn't design it for that. If you want a backpack for hiking than you should've bought a backpack designed for that.

I love this backpack. I have three just like it in all different patterns. I also have a jansport back pack that is a different design that has many pockets and is more hefty duty. I use that one for hiking and it works great!! The superbreak backpack is my favorite though because it is awesome for carying school books, clothes for overnight stays, and even works great as a carry on bag when flying.

I highly recomend this backpack because it is durable, cute, and when used for what it was designed for, you wont be disappointed.

k9sp My daughter is beating this pack up and down her 7th grade halls and it is holding up fine at this point. Holds more than what it looks like it can.

Swamps42 My daughter is beating this pack up and down her 7th grade halls and it is holding up fine at this point. Holds more than what it looks like it can.

JG I've had this backpack for 7 years and its been through highschool and college with me. Very durable, and not huge like some other backpacks. I wanted something small but would still hold books, and this is it.

Perfect Prissy Krissy (serious nik name! IT'S AWESOME!!! An absolute must for Jr. High, High school students! Lugging text books is a problem no longer, this has so much space and is incredible comfortable. Great for a good student or someone who has a lot of jackets, make up, junk, in their backpacks. The laptop pocket can be used to fit 2 more textbooks 2.

hs student the best use of this product is for school. i am in high school and i have a lot to carry around, like textbooks. This back packs has lasted me three years and it still looks practically new. at the time i was buying it it seemed expensive but now i know its a great backpack and is durable. best of all its stylish and it doesnt get marked up easily.

xootrx After spending years on a quest for the ideal carry-on for international flights, I realized my need was simple: a squarish shaped, uncomplicated design that would fit easily under an airline seat for quick access to books, small laptop, whatever. This little pack is the perfect design for my need. The front pocket holds my stationery items (pens, small notebook, etc.). The main pocket is just big enough for a small laptop, ticket/passport folder, electronics pouch (ipod, phone, etc.), all of which must be quickly removed for security lines. And, there is still enough room leftover for simple hygene supplies, and a quick change of refresher clothing (underwear, shirt, socks). It has met all my travel needs better than any of the more expensive, complex offerings of luggage makers, at a very cheap price. What more could you ask?

<3anessa <3anillton this bookbag is amazinggg! i got the black with the foil hearts! its well worth the price and more its cute and sturdyyy! used it for 3 years and have not had a problem yet!

Karin I absolutely LOVE this backpack!!! It's simply the best one I've ever owned! My mom bought me one when I was in 2nd grade. Now I'm in high school and I'm still using it! That's over 8 years! This shows how long this thing will last! And the best part is, when you wash it, it looks brand new again!


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JanSport Superbreak Backpack – 1550cu…

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