High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book B…

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Anonymous I ordered this wheeled backpack at the last minute for a European vacation. True to experience, Zappos delivered in record time. Upon opening the box, I saw that the outside stitching on the backpack was irregular; looked like a stitch tension problem to me. But I decided to live with it because my departure was less than 24 hours away. Then I went to fill up the backpack, and I noticed in one compartment a bright lime green recipe card with Proteins written on one side, and on the other, Holes in the capillary walls allow water, gases smaller nutrients out to the tissues. Are too large for the holes and that's what keeps them in the vessel. Think flashcard-like. So it seems, this backpack once had a life with a student who returned it, and the merchandise was not carefully inspected before resending it out to me. Note to retailers: be careful what you resend; not everyone will be as forgiving as I am.

Grand Nuc Man I am responding from my grandson who is a student. He loves the Powerglide and wishes he had one last year. The wheels are terrrific and he can put all of his school gear in one bag rather than two. He has really improved his motivation for school. Thanks again.

Priscilla Stewart I bought this backpack so I'd have a place to easily store my laptop for plane trips. This one was perfect. We just returned from a trip and getting the laptop in and out was easy. The backpack is well constructed and nice looking. I'd highly recommend it and Zappos speedy delivery.


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High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book B…

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